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TEDxYouth@HumboldtBay: “Imagine → Ignite”, 11/17/13

Session 1

1. Jesse Jonathon

You Are What You Bring to The Party

2. Aleya Seranno

How Weird is Awesome!

3. Ray Raphael

Huzzah for Footnotes

4. Alex Yeoman

The Unseen Epidemic: Concussions

5. Lonny Grafman

A Plastic Bottle Schoolroom, A Rice Husk Pharmacy, A Better Education

6. Tehva Kastel-Riggan

Rights and Stereotypes

7. Gina Figueroa

The Power of Youth/Truth

8. David Haller

Yoda Changed My Life

Session 2

1. Jeffrey Pimentel

Children Hold The Secret To Life

2. River Sween

It’s Time to Slow Down

3. Mary Ann Loch

Kids These Days

4. Sophia Yamas

Alternatives to Drugs

5. Kyle Visser

Say, Yes!

6. Jet Glover & Jeremy Reiner

Zapateado by Sarasate

7. Rosie Slentz

Kids on Fire, with Meditation from Thais by Massenet

Session 3

1. Stella Grace Joy

Singing ‘Butterfly Fly Away’

2. Kintay Johnson

Our Past Doesn’t Define Our Future

3. Madeira Seaman

Guilt Free Emotions

4. Kati Texas

Human Bonsai

5. Jessica McGuinty

Your Unknown Impact

6. Rex Atienza & The Humboldt Rockers

Breaking Out with Breakin